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Sell Your Live Set Recording
while the energy is hot

The Set.fm Studio app makes it easy to record and sell your live show. Audio uploads to the Set.fm website while you play. Fans can purchase the high-quality recording before they leave the venue.

Set.fm Studio App for iOS | MAC | PC

Download the free Studio app and start recording your sets.

  • Connect

    Grab a board feed and/or a stereo mic and connect to an iOS device or laptop.

  • Perform

    Have fun. The Set.fm Studio App will upload your show while you perform it.

  • Promote

    Let your fans know the show is recording and available for purchase on Set.fm.

  • Rack Up

    Your fans can download or stream the performance they just experienced.

Thousands of artists are getting their music to the fans that want it most

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Artist Advantage

  • Earn more from shows
  • Up your fan outreach
  • Own your recordings

Your greatest earning potential comes from live performances. Capture more revenue by allowing your fans to take the show home.

Offering in-the-moment live recordings gives your fans a fun way to keep the show going.

More Money + More Fans + More Opportunity